Why Try Body Building?

bodybuilder-331670_1280Are you building your body for health reasons or to prove a point? Are you training to compete or competing only with yourself? Men and women engage in body building for a variety of reasons, the same as with other sports and athletic endeavors. Here are some reasons people want to pack on muscle.

The Challenge

You know that person who is always trying something new and does it until he gets bored. For a period in his life, this challenge is to become extremely muscular. Later, that challenge could be learning to water ski or crochet. When it comes to laying down muscle and getting rid of fat, there is a lot of fascinating data to absorb and advice to obtain about the balance of foods one should consume to create muscle, prevent muscle loss and injury, and to not only look strong but feel capable.

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There are pros and cons to assorted programs and moves. Once a person feels he has achieved his ultimate goal and learned what he can, he might let some of the muscle atrophy and be satisfied with a generally powerful appearance.


Muscle atrophies as we age, but with that loss comes greater vulnerability. Bones fracture and break more easily. Even early in life we might encounter weakness which can be overcome by strengthening around that spot to support it. A good example is back pain. If your back is weak, strengthening arms and legs enables you to avoid placing strain on the sore place. Muscle density also protects a body by making a person more capable to handle daily tasks, even into your 60s and 70s. Studies show that fitness endeavors of all kinds, including muscle-building, are good for bone density, memory, immunity, and moods.

Self Confidence

It’s the age-old story: a scrawny boy gets teased at school and vows to become stronger. He goes to a gym and starts working out. Within a year the bullies don’t recognize him. Girls used to giggle behind his back but now they stare at him with undisguised admiration and they all want to date him. Big muscles do not replace self-esteem or a sense of worth. That has to come from other sources. A respectful attitude to one’s self and to others is worth far more than big muscles. Men will still look to a personal trainer for at least some of their answers, and it doesn’t hurt to be fit anyway. As noted above, a healthy body tends to promote a better attitude, reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.


Are you the competitive sort? You’ll have realized by now that some people are good at spelling bees, others excel at dancing or playing music, and you love to work out. Since it comes so naturally to you, the idea to build up more muscle than the other guy in the gym simply made sense and now you’re looking at every competitor, working to out-perform them all and win at competitions. Perhaps, though, your competitor is the nagging voice in your head saying “you can’t do it” or “this is as far as you can go.” It’s this voice you’re competing with and only your personal best matters in a competition like that.